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Monday, September 12, 2011

10 New Kitchen and Bath Trends

Enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in kitchen and bath design? Here are the most popular new designs from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

  • Concealed kitchens - Concealing appliances enhances the kitchen’s ability to be a primary living and entertainment venue. Clean lines and sleek colors create a unique identity without overpowering nearby rooms.
  • Beverage stations - This area usually includes an undercounter refrigerator, wine cooler and coffee maker.
  • Scaling of elements - Shapes, textures and fixtures are used to create scale. Whether it’s a marbled surface in tile, a tin ceiling or metallic material, it can be used to direct the eye around the room and create a balanced space.
  • Bold colors - Look for splashes of bold color—particularly rich blues, purples, greens and yellows.
  • Soft geometry - Rounded shapes on countertops, light fixtures and soffits help smooth traffic patterns and soften features.
  • New use of space - Fixtures such as floating vanities and wall-mounted toilets remove obstructions and make baths feel spacious.
  • Framing - A simple detail such as a soffit along the ceiling or blank wall space surrounding inset cabinets can set off and emphasize elements while creating a focal point.
  • Varying heights - Islands, countertops and walls are being customized to homeowner needs. Varying heights are not only functional but also create balance.
  • Japanese influences - Look for clean lines, open spaces and neutral colors with bold splashes of color. Japanese artwork and antiques are becoming popular as well.
  • Art integration - Kitchens and baths are being personalized with paintings and sculptures.

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