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Monday, February 27, 2012

Safety tips for heating your home.

In So Cal, most days are warm but you'd be surprised to know that we do have winter days.. Here are 
our tips to help you stay warm.
  1. Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected annually by a professional. Glass doors or a metal screen should be placed in front of your fireplace to prevent sparks or hot ash from exiting the hearth.
  2. All fireplace ashes should be disposed of in a fire-resistant container and covered it with a lid. Keep the container outdoors and away from the home’s exterior or other possible combustibles.
  3. Make sure any portable heaters you employ are equipped with a tip switch. These switches are designed to automatically shut off the heating unit in the event the heater tips over.
  4. Follow the recommended safety instructions on all heaters. Heaters that run on fuel should be vented and space heaters usually need a minimum of three feet from any object or person. Never use space heaters to dry clothes or leave on overnight.
  5. Ovens and stoves are not to be used to heat your home. They produce fumes and may become fire hazards if they are used as a heat source instead of their intended use of food preparation.
  6. If you are using supplemental portable electric heaters, never use an extension cord. Plug them directly into the electrical outlet.
  7. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and test the batteries monthly. Detectors should be installed generously throughout the home and secured outside every bedroom.

Monday, February 13, 2012

How to wow potential buyers with your Open House this Spring.

The goal of every home seller is to sell his or her home as efficiently as possible for the highest price. Every seller should clean and stage their home for potential buyers, but see below for what projects should be completed before you put your home on the market.

  1. If it’s broke, fix it - This is crucial in the selling process. Repair the broken cabinet or loose railing before buyers view your home. Damage detracts from your home and may make buyers question what else you have not maintained.
  2. Shades of grey - Interior paint is inexpensive and revitalizes a space. Covering scratches or wear and tear with fresh neutral paint is aesthetically pleasing and even creates that ‘new home’ look and smell!
  3. Floored! - Transform your space by refinishing wood floors, updating tile or professionally cleaning any carpeting.
  4. First impressions - Consider replacing your front door, as this is an investment that often pays for itself in the final price of your home.
  5. Subtle accents - Fixtures and hardware, such as cabinet knobs, faucets, light fixtures and door handles can be relatively inexpensive and done without a professional.
  6. Clear view - Upgrading old windows throughout a home makes a big difference both inside and out.
  7. Keep up the facade - Garage doors often account for a large percentage of a home’s front facade. Similar to the front door, homeowners who upgrade or update their garage doors, may see a good return on their investment.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to wow potential buyers with your open house this Spring.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, sellers enjoy a bump in home sales during the spring and summer months. There are several factors that lead to the rise in sales; children are on summer break, the holiday season is over, ideal weather for visiting homes, and overall,  schedules are often more flexible. Parents are more likely to coordinate a move during the summer months, especially when a move entails changing schools. Also, packing and unpacking  moving vans is much easier when you don’t have to contend with cold temperatures or ice and  snow!

Take advantage of the market upswing and make the most of your spring open house. Capitalize on curb appeal and ensure your landscape is up-to-date. A newly mowed lawn and freshly planted flowers make a great first impression that potential buyers will remember. Remove any clutter that may detract from your outdoor space, such as toys, bikes or gardening tools. Clean outdoor furniture so buyers can linger and if you have a pool make sure it is clean and inviting.

Once inside, potential buyers get to see your home in the natural light, so clean those screens, windows and sliding glass doors inside and out! As with every open house, no matter what the season, your house should be clean and organized, smell fresh and personal photos kept at a minimum. Attention to detail goes a long way, so fix that creaky door, tighten that loose floorboard, and paint over any scuffmarks. Lastly, remember to serve refreshments, think fresh pies to celebrate the season!

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