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Monday, July 11, 2011

5 things to consider when choosing the best home for your needs.

When selecting a property there are several major factors to consider. Compromise is expected in the home buying process. You can always upgrade laminate countertops to granite or factory cabinets to custom, but be aware of the essentials you need in a property before you buy.

Location, location, location. This is one thing that you cannot change! Where you buy will most likely be at the top of your necessity list. Do you need easy access to highways for your commute to work? Perhaps you need to be near public transportation because you do not have a vehicle. Save yourself time and money by focusing only on areas that work for you.

Education. Public schools dictate enrollment according to school district boundaries. You may be surprised to find where lines are drawn. Are you trying to move, or stay in, a highly rated district? You may wish to visit area schools to get a feel for which place is best for your family.

Crime doesn’t pay. Research the local crime rates. Some neighborhoods experience higher levels of crime, both violent and petty. Safety to you and property are valid considerations.

Be neighbor conscious. Your property value is affected by the condition of the prospective neighborhood. Be sure to drive up and down adjacent streets. Are homes and yards in good repair? You want neighborhoods that reflect care and attention.

Size matters. Take the lot size into consideration; if you need more living space is there room to expand? Check local zoning laws to verify you can build up or out.

Locally, there are other key items to consider and that is when an area experts help make a difference in the home buying process.

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