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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Cleaning Tips

The winter season brings shorter days, cooler temperatures and often, lots of guests and holiday entertaining. A deep cleaning of your space leaves your home looking great and may keep flu season at bay. Here are some ideas to freshen up your home.

  1. Sanitize commonly overlooked items. Germs are most prevalent on heavily used items. Disinfect your computer keyboards, remote controls, light switches, phones, appliances, doorknobs and cabinet handles regularly. 
  2. Flip and rotate mattresses. This ensures the mattress will maintain its shape, comfort and resilience. Feel free to vacuum the mattress for added cleanliness. 
  3. Wash any bedding that was in storage. Launder winter bedding and if possible, dry outdoors to rid it of any musty odor that may have seeped in during storage. 
  4. Clean your chimney and flues. This should be done at least once a year and should be conducted by a professional. It is important for safety and may cut down on your heating bill. 
  5. Protect and clean wood and tile. Deep clean to remove any dirt or grime and reseal wood floors to protect against scratches.
To learn more tips or if you are considering selling your home during these Fall and Winter month please feel free consult a qualified REALTOR® . Our associates represent clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley  and we are here to help. Call us today at 626-358-1858 or 626-963-7621.

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