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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tips for planning your summer travel on a budget.

Plan that summer vacation without breaking the bank with these travel tips.

  1. Research. Compare hotel and flight prices, call and ask about any unlisted discounts.
  2. Be flexible. The most expensive days to fly are Mondays and Fridays. Plan your trip on the off days, and consider connecting flights instead of direct, or early flights.
  3. Brave the elements. Campgrounds are inexpensive and because you often cook your own food, it doubles your savings.
  4. Breakfast included. Make sure breakfast is included in the hotel rate.
  5. Eat in. Cook dinner or have a picnic. When you do eat out, lunch is less expensive than dinner and drink water instead of soft drinks or liquor.
  6. Use plastic. Avoid ATM fees by selecting cash back when making debit purchases.
  7. Save at the pump. Utilize phone apps that list gas prices in the area.
  8. Matinees. Hit up the movies during the day for cheaper admission.
  9. Museums and parks. Often museums offer free admission
  10. Coupons. Scan the Internet for discounts on attractions in and around your destination.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Keep your pets safe this summer with these tips.

Enjoy the warm summer months and ensure the safety of your pets with these seasonal safety tips.

  1. Never leave an animal in a parked car, even with the windows cracked. A car can heat to extreme temperatures in a few short minutes, causing heat stroke and even death.
  2. If you run with your pet, consider starting your routine earlier in the morning or later in the evening to avoid peak temperatures, or leave your running buddy at home in the air conditioning so they don’t overexert themselves.
  3. Always carry extra water. Just like humans, pets may need more liquids in warmer temperatures.
  4. Be aware of any harmful chemicals that are frequently used in the summer months. Avoid pest-treated areas and be cautious when using anti-freeze (which can be fatal to pets).
  5. As your pet sheds its undercoat, brush and groom accordingly. Perhaps a summer trim is necessary to keep them comfortable.
  6. Provide ample shade for your pet or leave them in the air conditioning.
  7. Always leash your pet when in an unfenced or unfamiliar outdoor area. This will keep them safe from other animals and allow you to supervise them properly.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tips Before You Move

Your property is sold and you are preparing to move. As you leave, try and keep the new owners in mind. Here are a few tips that are mutually beneficial to you and the new owners.
  1. Notify your creditors and magazine subscriptions of your new address so you don’t miss an issue or bill. Just in case, you may want to leave a forwarding address to the new owners for any subsequent mail addressed to you.
  2. Contact your utility companies (electric, water, gas, water, cable, telephone and internet) two weeks before you move and set an exact date to cut off service. Have your account information ready when you call. It would be courteous to leave the new owners a list of providers to simplify their transition.
  3. Update your driver’s license, car registration and voter registration within a month of the move. Consider leaving information such as your property’s designated voting zone for the new owners.
  4. Whether you clean your property yourself or hire professionals, leave it clean and free of debris. Remember, this is an exciting time for the new owners and a positive last impression goes a long way.
  5. Alert pool cleaners, garbage pickup, landscapers and any other companies that perform frequent maintenance of your home of your impending move. Give their contact information to the new owners.
  6. Leave your house keys, garage and/or alarm codes in addition to any appliance manuals for the new owners.
  7. Instead of discarding replacement tile or paint, leave these items for the new owners.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What to look for during final walkthrough.

The final walkthrough provides buyers an opportunity to confirm the completion of any repairs the sellers agreed to and ensure the property is in the same condition it was when their offer was accepted. New owners should pay close attention to detail to avoid costly oversights. Here is a checklist to guide you through the final walk-through.
  1. Confirm any items such as appliances, window treatments, or furniture that were included in the sale are present and in working order.
  2. Flush all toilets.
  3. Open and close all windows and make sure screens and storm windows are present.
  4. Run the dishwasher and test every appliance.
  5. Test the heating and air conditioning
  6. Run every faucet (tubs, showers, sinks) to ensure proper drainage and look for leaks.
  7. Check the walls for any holes or damage (especially directly behind doors where a doorknob may meet the wall).
  8. Run ceiling and exhaust fans, garbage disposal and garbage compactor.
  9. Turn on every light fixture.
  10. Verify that remote controls (like garage doors) have been left by the previous owners and are operational.
  11. Test the alarm system and verify that a manual is present to instruct you on how to change the code.
  12. Run the spa/hot tub/pool to ensure functionality.
  13. Inspect the floors, railings, ceilings and steps for any damage that may have occurred during the move. Check the railings for stability.
  14. Make sure the sprinklers work and the outdoor areas are satisfactory.
  15. Confirm all belongings and debris have been removed from the property.

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